Monday, April 1, 2013

Cooking with Mama!

This is Kyoko Sora! Or rather known as "Pinky'! She shall now bake a Chocolate Cake with Mama!

And it's done!!!

And these figures are going for:

*Drum rolls*


So Email me if interested to buy!

Signing off, Dangoki Sensei!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Stack-Up Units : Numbers up to ten

Presenting... Number 1!!!

This is Ao-san. He is a adventurous guy who is always bored unless on some form of expedition, or doing high-elements. He is always looking for adventure, but actually quite homely and is addicted to anime and manga. 'Ao' means 'Blue', just like his color:)
Presenting... Number 2!!!

This is Miss Clumsy. She is a very kind person who is also very clumsy. She secretly has a crush on Mr Emo, and is extremely careful around him in order not to spoil their relationship as friends. Her clumsiness makes her really cute!
Presenting, Number 3!!
They are the Kyoko twins! They do everything together! The Pink one is Kokoa, the yellow is Sagi. They are truely like twins, even speaking in sync! Kokoa is overconfident and has Sagi has to watch over her, as he promised Mama. Sagi is slightly older, but dislikes being called 'Onii-san' or 'Big brother'. He rather be called 'Bro' or 'Anki', but Kokoa likes to make fun of him by calling him 'Big Brother'
*wha- so fast?!* Uh Presenting Number 4! 

He is the mystery of our team. Mr Emo. He's cool, calm and totally reserved. He prefers to be alone, and dislikes fighting. All the guys in school look up to him. His mere presence will stop fights, and can bring fear to the hearts of all the troublemakers. Nobody dares to challenge him! He has a crush on Miss Clumsy, and he is always protecting her!
*but.. you promised me a break... Oh alright...* Presenting, Number 5!!!
This is our die-hard Vocaloid Fan, Vincent. He is a quarter British, full name Vincent Jacobs Minori, but we all call him Gakupo, because that happens to be his favourite Vocaloid. He is Mr Emo's roomate and good friend, but can't understand why he is so reserved.

*That was a nice break, thanks* Presenting... Number 6!*better conserve my energy*
 This is the power duo, Sara and Sammy! Sara is the regular responsible big sister who takes care of her younger brother Sammy. Sammy is not your normal child, he has stage 2 cancer, but he is on the path to recovery and he is optimistic about his disease despite being very young. Sara however, is very overprotective...
Presenting... Number 7!
 This is Banana-chan, the fairy of fruits! She loves bananas, hence her name. As we already know, she is a fairy. She makes sure all the fruits ripen on time together with Lilla, her sister, the fairy of flowers! Her brother is the fairy of rain and sunshine, called Rainbow! Fairies are shy, so we don't see them often... Maybe one day, Banana will introduce them to us, since she is, after all, the bravest of all!

*Glad I conserved my energy* Presenting, Number 8!!!
 This is Mr Handyman, he can fix everything and anything! From broken chairs to bad hairdos to broken hearts, nothing is too hard for Mr Handyman! He is also a counselor, but the big question is, who will listen and fix his problems? Himself of course! That's why he is also nicknamed 'The Happy Handyman'!

Presenting, ME! The handsome, kind wonderful Number 9! *Sigh. Shouldn't have asked him...*
 I'm kidding you! Hi! My name is Akio, I am a part-time promoter and television host. I like show business, and since I'm also a television host, Dangoki sensei asked me to do this :p. I'm not vain, really, I just like a laugh. I also do comedy movies and romance dramas! Please let me know if you want an autograph! Bye!!

*Mr Emo* Presenting number 10...
 This is Pan. He likes partying and hosting birthday parties. Oh before I forget, thanks for mine Pan, really appreciate it. He can somehow match everything to any person's liking. For example, he knows I like dark colors and classy piano music, and he somehow made a really great party out of it. He rented a party room somewhere and turned the entire thing into a small concert-hall like place. Anyway, Thanks Pan. So if you want a party, ask him to organise it for you. You won't regret. He does it for free too.. Great guy.

Hey! I am Dangoki Sensei, thanks for listening to Mr Emo and Akio-san's introductions. They practiced really hard on them, although Mr Emo only did the one for Pan because well.. Just keep a secret okay? Akio doesn't like Pan for some reason.

Anyway! These are their figurines, and its going for a price of...

1 individually for S$5
All 10 together for S$45.50

They are all handmade with care, so there are only one of each. So hurry if you want to buy them!

Thank you for your time and see you soon! Oh and please contact me if you have any queries! Goodbye!